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Motion Lab Chiropractic offers clients tools to improve their health by restoring normal motion to the body. We work with you to remove obstacles to proper biomechanics, which will allow you to move with less pain and achieve higher levels of performance and general well being. Motion Lab’s unique approach includes an assessment of how your body moves and a personalized treatment plan that combines chiropractic care, active rehabilitation, and lifestyle coaching.

Welcome to Motion Lab Chiropractic. Brett Mortenson has been practicing chiropractic in the Twin Cities for nearly 20 years. From professional athletes and exercise enthusiasts to the desk-bound weekend warrior, Brett helps people get back in motion and on the path to optimal health and well-being.

With experience treating thousands of patients and training in Functional Medicine and specialized chiropractic techniques, Brett provides holistic, evidence-informed care to solve his patients' health challenges. When he is not supporting patients in achieving their health goals, Brett enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife, Erin Erickson, their 3 children, and Barley, the labradoodle.


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  • "I couldn't be happier with my experience with Brett. He is very personable and will work with you to find the perfect level of care that you need. After years of back, neck, and shoulder pain, I feel much better and I am able to do the things I love comfortably. Brett worked with my schedule and budget to get me the care that I needed. I would recommend Motion Lab to anyone and everyone."
    Joshua L.
  • "I am a marathon runner and running coach. When I began having problems with my hips and feet, I knew it was an alignment issue. I went to Motion Lab Chiropractic and got an adjustment done by Brett Mortenson. He was very thorough and made the necessary adjustments. The results were immediate. No.more.pain. at. all! It was so dramatic, I referred one of my students to him for a consultation and adjustment. Her results were also dramatic- No more pain while running. 5 stars"
    Guy J.
  • "Brett is a very thorough chiro. He takes his time and ensures that I have a complete experience starting from muscle stim, tissue manipulation, adjustment, and guidance on how to strengthen my body with specific exercises to return me to optimum health. After 20 years of pain, I'm finally able to self manage flare ups and the confidence in my lower back has returned."
    Terry L.